16 April 2010

My Kingdom for a Cushion

I'm on the hunt for cushions for my living room so for inspiration I've been browsing at Etsy. Here's a few of my favourite finds..

Helena Carrington - Une Voiture en France cushionHelena Carrington - Camper Van cushion
Helena Carrington - Montmarte cushion
Helena Carrington creates image inspired by her travels and digitally prints them onto cotton satin fabric. Gorgeous and perfect for adding a splash of colour to a room. There are other cushions available at her website and on her etsy shop.

Feed the Dog - Flock cushionFeed the Dog - Trees cushionFeed the Dog - Call This Rain cushion

I love Feed the Dog's cushions. Each one is made by hand by the designer, in Sydney Australia and is either a one off or part of a limited run. I've been putting off buying one until I can trust my kids not to ruin it. They're almost house-trained now so I'll start saving!

 Skinny Laminx - Duikers cushion in red

Skinny Laminx - Lava cushion

Skinny Laminx - Herds cushion in grey

A few years ago I bought a few Skinny Laminx teatowels and I've visited her etsy shop often since. An illustrator from Cape Town, she has taken inspiration from historical references to create these simple, yet very effective designs. 

Decisions, decisions!

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