21 May 2010

Birthday presents

It's been a while since I posted last and in that time I've become a whole year older! I got some great pressies from my other half this year, and thought I'd share them. I suspect most folk would probably get a little bit annoyed about being bought kitchen utensils for a special occassion...but I have to confess to being quite excited!

Elevate Utensils set by Joseph Joseph
These are now hanging in my kitchen (very bad photo below) and needless to say no-one is actually allowed to use them!

And I also received a gorgeous Bodum Travel Mug, so at last I can take a cup of tea with me on my way to work in the morning. For coffee lovers, Bodum also do a similarly styled travel cafetiere. The mugs are available in a whole array of colours and in a couple of different sizes.

There were threats to buy me a new tumble drier as well, but thankfully for his sake that didn't happen!!

6 May 2010


It has been far too long since my last post, but in a bid to juggle work, kids and sleep I've had to accept tht I can only post once or twice a week. I feel I may get withdrawl symptoms soon though! Anyway, I've been searching for some prints to brighten up my living room and wanted to share these gorgeous ones with you. I need something bright, colourful and contemporary and this selection are all perfect.

'A Little Colourful Peacock' and 'Lovely Deer' by Dekanimal.

'London print' and 'Iconic Chairs' print designed by Taylors Type

'Rain drops' and 'Lollipop Tree' made from vintage maps by Bombus

'Have a Nice Day' poster designed by Takashi Furuya, available from Illustrated Living.

I love the 'By Order of the Management' range of posters by John W Golden. Think how much time it would save if, rather than telling the kids off, you could just point to the relevant poster!

(Photos from Creative Review)

And if you don't have time to spend searching for posters, Tim Fishlock has designed the limited edition 50x70 art book for Habitat, featuring removable posters by celebrated artists such as Adrian Johnson, Anthony Burrill and Phunk. The posters are designed to fit into a 50 x 70cm frame and the book is on special offer at the moment.