27 April 2010

How much turquoise is too much?

I have to admit to being a big lover of teal, turquoise, bluey-green - whatever you want to call it, the colour makes me smile. And Pantone agree, because their Colour of the Year for 2010 is 15-5519, otherwise known as Turquoise. Apparently it's believed in some cultures to be the colour of compassion, healing, faith and truth!

  Yesterday my new turquoise armchairs arrived for my living room, and one day when the room stays tidy long enough I'll take some photos and post them here. But for now I'm still trying to find some accessories to tie the whole room together. Here are my favourite turquoise finds....

Reproduction TRIM phone, £47.50 from Pedlars

Daphne teal lamp table by Johnny Egg, £350 from Heals

You can't go wrong with classic designs and these two are great examples.
The Panton Flowerpot light, above, was originally designed in the late sixties but the look is timeless. From £198 at Nest.
And, whilst not totally turquoise, the accents of colour in the ball clock by Vitra below would be perfect in a turquoise themed room. £182, also at Nest.
I have three kids, two of whom are very energetic 5 year old twin boys so this rubber vase is a great idea to avoid breakages. Made by MENU of Denmark. 29 euros at Finnish Design Shop.

I love anything with an architectural theme and this cushion is definately on my shopping list.
trellick Tower cushion, designed by People Will Always Need Plates, £30 from London Cushion Company.

This cute vintage, bakelite radio wuld look great on my shelves. Find it at Ebay.

I came across these magazine files while browsing Etsy a few weeks ago and I love their simplicity. They are painted on one side and left natural on the other.$38 from Paper Doll Wood Shop

The problem is knowing where to draw the line! Can you have too much turquoise?


Unknown said...

turquoise is my favorite color, but I don't know if I'd do a whole room in it. Spots of it here and there is good even if they are big spots.

GA+E said...

I can't get enough turquoise in my life!!

Outdoors On Parade said...

We have the rubber vases in store and they are so fabulous! The best part is they don't look too much like rubber so they still look very chic.


Unknown said...

I LOVE turquoise also, since being a student I have always sourced out the turquoise option. Our front door has even undergone a make over!

It sounds awfull but turquoise with orange actually really works.