12 April 2010

Back to work today (for a rest) after a week at home with the kids, topped off by the boys birthday party on Sunday. I was dreading the prospect of looking after twenty 4 and 5 year olds but it was brilliant. I'd highly recommend the Satrosphere  if you are looking for a party venue in Aberdeen.

The difficult part was choosing a birthday cake. The Crafty Elf, aka Emma, came to the rescue though, with this brilliant Ben 10 cake that looks exactly like the picture I sent her. It also tastes so fantastic that we kept the cake for ourselves and made fairy cakes for the party bags instead - very greedy!

However, it's never easy to please two (almost) 5 year old boys, and apparently this is not Ben 10 : Alien Force as they requested, this is just Ben 10 - they still managed to eat some though.

I knew the cake would be good because last year Emma made a Fairy Castle cake for my daughter. Isn't it amazing!

The boys birthday is not till Wednesday so I am off to make a couple of cards. I'll post the results but I should warn you that just because I enjoy card-making, doesn't mean I'm good at it! The cards will be easy though, compared to the 20 thank you notes I am going to have to make!

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