23 April 2010


Most design students will have 'fond' memories of all-nighters spent hunched over their drawing board listening to late night phone-in shows on the radio and those late nights may well have been illuminated by an Anglepoise light. Anglepoise are 75 years old and back in 2008 they created the Anglepoise Play range of lights to add a modern twist to the design classic.
Anglepoise Fifty

Anglepoise Fifty 2

 This is the Anglepoise Fifty, cast from a single peice of polycarbonate, the famous hinged arm is frozen at fifty degrees. At £39.95 it's a very reasonably priced, and quirky, lamp.

Anglepoise Giant

And I love the humour of the Anglepoise Giant 1227. This photo shows perfectly how your sense of scale is distorted by the oversized design - very Alice in Wonderland. The lamp can reach a height of 2.7m so probably not suitable for a small room! It comes on casters though, so can be moved around easily. Available for between £1,500 and £2,000 it's not cheap but would certainly be a talking point.

Pedlars reconditioned anglepoise

But if you still prefer the classic designs, Pedlars have a selection of reconditioned 1950's Anglepoise desk and wall lights available on their website.

Thanks to Paperclip for pointing out an error with my photo of the Anglepoise Giant 1227 above, which is actually not the Giant 1227, but a giant version of the Roche Bobois lamp by Luxo of Norway. Apologies .....below is the actual Anglepoise Giant.


Erica Cook said...

That new red lamp is fantastic... but I'm still a huge fan of the original as a wall mount too. I am lucky enough to have two mini tolomeos and a tolomeo mega. LOVE THEM! Great blog. I'll be following so that I can discover more of your fabulous finds. xo Erica


Marija said...

Great to know I wasn't the only one pulling those all nighters!

Last image is my favorite...


Paperclip said...

the middle picture is not a giant Anglepoise, the real Anglepoise one looks a lot better in my opinion.